Alien Space Station

There is this one house on Nathan road in Hong Kong which looks like an ancient alien space station. It probably landed here in the late 60s and no one realized what it was at thst time. Has been here ever since...



Hong Kong Monsoon

It is monsoon season in Hong Kong. Rain, thunderstorms, 25 to 30 degrees Centigrade and accordingly a humidity of nearly 100%.

Still, the town bustles with activity, only heavy thunderstorms stop people doing whatever they are doing in the streets momentarily.

One simply gets wet, that's it. 



Unlit sign Hong Kong

What ever it is an advert for, I don't care. These rainbow colours in the image are beautiful. 


Morning Tea

Type "Iron Buddha" Oolong Tea

Courtesy of the " West Hotel". Probably a kind of excuse for the solid piece of wood they call a mattress.


China preps

Got my visa, bought a new lens for travel, put together all the stuff and it fits into the suitcase. Great, lets travel. 


More Pannings

I am trying out vertical Pannings...

The Water Vortex Machine

Being taken by a fellow photographer to a water vortex machine. An upright tube, filled with water and a wheel at the bottom. Which you can turn with a hand crank to turn the wheel and to create a water vortex. I was not really in the mood to go there, but she insisted. Thank you Benedikta for doing so!


Domains active

Thanks Flip for taking care of the domain stuff ... .

I am starting to really like the Fuji X-Pro2. Check the first panning shots I did with the X-Pro2.